AT Faucet & Russell Davis from Bar Rescue

One of our projects completed was a bar called Academia in Austin Texas.  This bar is owned by Russell Davis previously on the hit tv show Bar Rescue.  We worked together on designing underbar equipment to the specs of the bar to make this bar as efficient as possible.   The quicker your turn around time on drinks, the more money brought into the bar 🙂

AT Faucet Bar Equipment

We at AT Faucet take pride in our products and customer service.  We have done many bar and lounge projects which we are very proud of.  No job is too big or too small for us.  Attached are some of our most recent jobs:

Our underbar equipment is made of 304 stainless steel 18 gauge to insure longevity.  We do everything from underbar sinks, ice bins, drainboards, mixology units as well as liquor displays.

We now have designed a new item which is a self melting ice bin.  Many times, bartenders accidentally break glass in the ice bins.  This requires the bar to stop running from this bin to melt the ice.  The process is not speedy.  Now we offer an ice bin which melts the ice directly with hot water without leaving the bin to gather the hot water.  If you are interested in our self melting ice bins, feel free to reach out to us at (888) 316-9844 or . You can view many of our products as well at


Bar Maid Products at AT Faucet

AT Faucet combines it’s fantastic customer service and pricing now with Bar Maid products!  Bar Maid offers one of the best products for washing glassware.  They manufacture electric glass washers for commercial bars, restaurants, hotels, convention facilities & event catering.

Here is a little bit about Bar Maid:

In 1961, Bar Maid introduced the first five brush Electric Glass Washing Machine as the “World’s Most Efficient Glass Washer.” With five spinning brushes to simultaneously scrub the inside and outside of glasses, it proved an economical way to ensure the fast, easy removal of tough stains like lipstick and fruit pulp. The compact submersible Electric Glass Washer, and later the upright model, quickly became the professional bartender’s choice for durability, efficiency and size small enough to fit in almost any bar sink.

While competitive copies soon emerged, Bar Maid Washers remained the quality leader. To compliment their Washer line, Bar Maid also offered their unique LoSUDS Detergent for clean, spotless glassware and later the Sani-Maid Sanitizer for the ultimate in glassware sanitation.

While Bar Maid has made minor improvements to their famous five brush Electric Glass Washers over the years, perhaps the most important evolution has been in the brushes. As the different sizes and shapes of glassware have evolved, Bar Maid has developed a wide variety of brush styles to clean virtually any size or shape of glass, including shot and margarita glasses, pitchers, coffee pots and extra tall glassware. The company also offers “softie” brushes with softer bristles for plastic glassware and special sized brushes upon request.

The company added more innovative products including the KP Cart and KP Dolly for easy moving of heavy beer kegs or trash cans. A one and a two horsepower bar blender, along with two citrus juicers, were added to round out the bar equipment line.

In 2011, Bar Maid set its eye on being the #1 source of bar supplies too and unveiled its line of “Best in the Bar” Bar Necessities. High quality, mostly Made in USA products designed for professional bartenders including measured pourers, shot and “bomb” cups, mats, caddy organizers and much, much more. Bar Maid continued to expand its product catalog, most recently including a line of Fly-Bye products to help the hospitality industry combat pesky fruit flies, a commercial glass polisher and a citrus wedger.

Bar Maid Corporation, of Pompano Beach, FL, remains a privately held company focused on the best quality products for the bar.

IPEX Grease Traps at AT Faucet

AT Faucet has a long history and background in commercial kitchen plumbing including grease traps.  We chose to nationally distribute the IPEX grease traps.  This particular grease trap is made of heavy duty plastic and carries a 10 year warranty from date of purchase.

Today, almost every township in the entire United States requires some sort of grease trap or grease interceptor for a commercial cooking establishment.  Grease traps come in a variety of sizes as well as shapes depending on your need.  Our traps can be installed underground as well as above ground depending on your application.

Here is a little more about IPEX:

The Leaders in Thermoplastic Piping Systems

As the leader in thermoplastic piping systems, the IPEX companies design and manufacture the largest, most recognized and diverse range of integrated piping products – Everything professionals need to manage the full spectrum of today’s municipal, industrial, commercial and residential challenges.

The Responsible Choice for Over 50 Years

Every day construction projects are breaking ground in some of the world’s toughest and most demanding environments. Chances are IPEX brand products and people are there. Whether it’s a water pipe being installed for a municipal system in the dead chill of an Alberta winter, or electrical fittings being installed in a new Arizona residential development under a punishing desert sun, an IPEX company is hard at work delivering reliable performance and value.

But what IPEX offers goes far beyond pipes, valves and fittings. Our commitment to excellence means IPEX also brings accountability, reliability and integrity to each and every project, backed by strong distributor relationships and the industry’s most comprehensive and experienced sales and support network. It’s what has made IPEX the responsible choice in North America for over fifty years.

IPEX Integrated Total Solutions

IPEX companies offer a comprehensive range of thermoplastic materials, products and accessories for a wide spectrum of demanding markets and applications. From systems that convey water, chemicals and gases, to conduit that carries power and data cabling. In resin materials from PVC and ABS to PVDF and PE. From solvent cements and cutting tools to electrofusion systems. No matter the product or application, every IPEX system comes with the integrated system advantage. What this means is that customers can be confident everything they need for their particular application is backed by the same company, instead of buying a piping system with components from different manufacturers.

Blue Air Commercial Refrigeration & Cooking Equipment

AT Faucet offers a full line of Blue Air commercial products.  They carry an entire line of refrigeration and freezers as well as commercial gas cooking equipment.  Some popular items offered by Blue Air are Reach-In Refrigerators, Pizza Prep Tables, Gas Ranges and Deep Fryers.

A little about Blue Air:

In March 2003, when Blue Air started in the foodservice equipment industry, it opened with a couple lines of refrigeration equipment and a few employees in a very small office and warehouse space. Ever since these humble beginnings, Blue Air has grown steadily each year by constantly adding new products and new customers. It has now become one of the leading suppliers in the industry with multiple distribution warehouses and sales offices nationwide. The main driving force behind this stable growth has been its unwavering commitment to delivering, “The best combined value of premium products, competitive price, and excellent customer service to its customers.”

After 15 years in business, Blue Air is establishing itself as a solid manufacturer and supplier of premium quality products in the foodservice equipment industry through its recent merger with Daeyeong E&B, a leading manufacturer of commercial refrigeration and ice machines in South Korea since 1981. This is a new landmark for Blue Air’s future in terms of its ability to meet the market’s needs and its potential for an increased level of growth. Now, Blue Air offers its customers a wider range of product selections on both cold and hot lines, from vast lines of superior quality commercial refrigeration and ice machines to value lines of stainless steel items and commercial cooking equipment. Our prices have always been very competitive based on the value of materials, design features built into our products and the stellar service that has been provided to support our products. Blue Air provides the best warranty program in the industry along with the most attentive technical service through its over 700 member nationwide service network. Delivering “The best combined value of premium products, competitive price, and excellent customer service” is not a simple promise we made to our customers, but it is a real practice of our business on a day to day basis.

If interested, please visit our website at and search Blue Air to purchase!  Thanks so much again!


Valpro Commercial Refrigeration

AT Faucet is now carrying commercial refrigeration & ice makers by Valpro Commercial Refrigeration.    Each Valrpo unit carries a 2 year parts & labor warranty & a 5 year compressor warranty!

Valpro is a Florida, USA based manufacturer of high-quality commercial refrigeration units for all your needs. We pride ourselves as one of the leaders in energy efficient refrigerators and freezers on the forefront of efficiency technology

Our products are forged with the finest materials with care by experienced professionals and top-level workmanship. Each of our units is UL Green Verified so you can be sure that you are not only buying the best and most energy efficient units while also bringing your operating costs down at the same time.