AT Faucet offers a complete line of commercial kitchen plumbing products that will fit any restaurants needs.  The perfect set up for a commercial kitchen cleaning area combines the following items:

3 compartment sinks are vital for any commercial kitchen.  This allows you to wash and clean, then rinse and then sanitize the dishes.  Once cleaned and sanitized, allow to air dry.

A pre-rinse faucet with an add-on faucet allows you to use the pre-rinse sprayer function as one option.  Once you turn this off, you can then use the add-on faucet function as a secondary feature.  This will spray off the waste from the pots, pans and dishes.

Lever drains are a neat little product.  We carry them with a twist handle or a straight up and down lever handle.  You turn the handle in one direction and the drain closes and allows water to fill up in the sink.  You then turn the handle or lever the other way and this allows the waste water to drain into the pipes leaving the solid waste above the drain for removal.

A grease trap is usually required for any commercial cooking establishment.  The water from the drains passes through the grease trap prior to hitting the sewer lines.  The fats, oils and grease float to the top of the grease trap once the water cools and they harden.  The water that they float up from passes on through the trap while solid food waste and brown grease float to the bottom.


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