Turbo Air Now Available from AT Faucet

Commercial kitchens require refrigeration as well as freezers.  Many people ask us about Turbo Air so after researching and testing the market, we have decided to sell the Turbo Air  brand.  Below, you will find the following reasons why we have decided to sell these units:


Located inside the refrigerator is a fan motor that runs 24 hours non-stop to circulate cold air throughout the unit, and this mechanism can generate significant amounts of heat. When the compressor is not running, this heat can cause a reversal effect in increasing the interior temperature instead of cooling it. To solve this issue, Turbo Air engineers have tirelessly researched and experimented to come up with the perfect algorithm that stops the fan motor from running as soon as an increase in temperature is detected. This ultimately translates to 15%-25% in overall energy savings as well as an increase in the overall lifespan of the compressor.


Refrigerators receive its cooling effect by discharging heat through the condenser. To achieve high efficiency in an environment (such as the kitchen) where temperatures are ambient and humidity is relatively high, it is important to increase the effectiveness of condensers. Turbo Air uses condensers that are 10 ~ 20% larger than the industry standard.


Electrical heaters in freezers operate 24/7 in order to prevent water flow to the cabinet surface. This causes unnecessary energy consumption, and sometimes is the reason behind overheating. Instead of frame heaters, Turbo Air freezers harness the heat produced by the compressor during its condensing stage, eliminating any unnecessary energy consumption as well as providing the most efficient freezer performance available. 


Unique to Turbo Air products, our anti-corrosion pipes are coated on the surface with a special treatment, allowing the excess condensate waters to cool down the pipe’s hottest area during the refrigerant compression process. This not only saves energy, but also allows the elimination of additional drains, which prevents the possibility of slippery floors becoming a safety issue.


The Turbo Cooling and Freeze function, located on the control panel, allows the compressor to run continuously for up to two hours. When this function is activated, the temperature inside the cabinet quickly decreases and cools drinks, food, and other products much faster. An ideal time to use the Turbo Cooling and Freeze function is when the unit is stocked with new products.


To prevent heat transfer from where it’s produced the most (compressor room), Turbo Air designed a specially reinforced 60mm thick, high-density wall to create a greater insulation effect and to also increase the overall efficiency.


Unique to Turbo Air products, our anti-corrosion pipes are coated on the surface with a special treatment, allowing the excess condensate waters to cool down the pipe’s hottest area during the refrigerant compression process. This not only saves energy, but also allows the elimination of additional drains, which prevents the possibility of slippery floors becoming a safety issue.


Fluorescent lights emit enormous amount of heat and consumes more energy—Turbo Air products use LED lights to reduce energy consumption and to create greater lifespan. It also uses optimal light angles for enhancing its display effects. 


We used the most cutting-edge LED TV technology for our advertising panels. Every inch of our panel illuminates at the same brightness, producing a luxurious ambience while increasing its advertising effect. Our AD panels are also 5 times longer lasting and energy efficient than fluorescent light powered panels.


AT Faucet Now Offers Kason Industries!

AT Faucet has begun a relationship with Kason Industries.  Kason manufactures hardware and plumbing products for the commercial kitchen industry.  Their product is top notch and can not be beat!


From the rim of the Grand Canyon, beyond Trafalgar Square, to the Australian Outback, Kason hardware is an essential part of refrigeration, foodservice, step van and industrial equipment.

Five North America branches and distributors around the globe provide Kason hardware products and accessories at value pricing, worldwide.

Kason’s four generations of expertise in producing fabricated metal parts means that customers can be assured of top notch hardware, produced efficiently and delivered on time.

Every Kason product is specified in-house and engineered to meet our stringent standards. Our experienced factory staff operate a full line of automated and robotic machinery, ensuring consistent product quality.  In fact, quality control is built into the manufacturing process. QC inspectors are assigned to every department and operators are trained to spot production inconsistencies.

Ready to order? Knowledgeable, friendly sales and customer service staff are ready to assist. You can be assured that your order will be handled efficiently and accurately by thoroughly trained representatives using the Kason computerized ordering system.  Your order is tracked from intake through production until it reaches your receiving dock.

You may know Kason for our SafeGuard® latches, cam-rise hinges and Panelock panel fasteners for commercial coolers and freezers. Get to know our extensive lines of foodservice hardware and supplies, including equipment legs and casters, cafeteria and cabinet hardware, fabrication supplies and a wide range of commercial plumbing fixtures.

Discover industrial applications for many of our traditional walk-in and reach-in products.

Select Kason as a primary resource to satisfy your hardware needs for refrigeration, foodservice equipment, delivery van bodies and industrial enclosures.

We are committed to your satisfaction.


Blue Air Quality

In today’s day and age, many people are looking for low prices on equipment thinking it is the way to go as opposed to quality.  Generally speaking, this is a big mistake.  The problem with this philosophy is that in the long run, this ends up actually costing you more money.  This is especially true when it comes to commercial refrigeration.

Refrigeration is a vital part of any commercial kitchen or restaurant.  Every location needs refrigerators and freezers, usually requiring multiple pieces.  If the refrigeration goes down while operating, this is going to be a huge loss of revenue.  First of all, product that is in the refrigerator or freezer will spoil and be lost.  Second, repairs on a commercial unit are very expensive, especially when the compressor goes down.  A new compressor could possibly cost almost as much as a new refrigerator or freezer.

This is where Blue Air Commercial Refrigeration comes in.  Here is a little about Blue Air:

“Since 2003, Blue Air has provided high quality Commercial Refrigeration to the foodservice industry. From our humble beginnings we have achieved rapid growth due specifically to the quality of our products in addition to the dedication and loyalty of our client base and service network. Our customers know they are getting quality when they purchase Blue Air. We have now added the highest quality ice-machines to our product line. With the imminent addition of a High Caliber Cooking Line-up, and current array of ultra-competitive stainless steel products, we can offer our clients more options than most any manufacturer in the food service Industry. We are continually expanding our product line to meet the needs of our customers and the demand of the market.”

Blue Air refrigeration products come with a 3 year parts and labor warranty on a bulk of their products and 5 year compressor warranty.  This warranty alone should offer peace of mind when it comes to purchasing equipment.  Not only do they stand by their products, their service is above and beyond many other manufacturers.  Blue Air has been around for quite some time.  The products they offer are not only made far superior than many other lines in regards to refrigeration, but also craftsmanship.  We have had nothing but happy customers with any Blue Air Product we have sold.

So, in the long run, just do us a favor and remember, price isn’t everything!


AT Faucet Commercial Plumbing Products

AT Faucet offers a complete line of commercial kitchen plumbing products that will fit any restaurants needs.  The perfect set up for a commercial kitchen cleaning area combines the following items:

3 compartment sinks are vital for any commercial kitchen.  This allows you to wash and clean, then rinse and then sanitize the dishes.  Once cleaned and sanitized, allow to air dry.

A pre-rinse faucet with an add-on faucet allows you to use the pre-rinse sprayer function as one option.  Once you turn this off, you can then use the add-on faucet function as a secondary feature.  This will spray off the waste from the pots, pans and dishes.

Lever drains are a neat little product.  We carry them with a twist handle or a straight up and down lever handle.  You turn the handle in one direction and the drain closes and allows water to fill up in the sink.  You then turn the handle or lever the other way and this allows the waste water to drain into the pipes leaving the solid waste above the drain for removal.

A grease trap is usually required for any commercial cooking establishment.  The water from the drains passes through the grease trap prior to hitting the sewer lines.  The fats, oils and grease float to the top of the grease trap once the water cools and they harden.  The water that they float up from passes on through the trap while solid food waste and brown grease float to the bottom.


Grease Trap Sizing. What size do I need?

Many people ask us what size grease trap they need to buy for their commercial kitchen.  We tell them the answer is not so simple.  Many townships require a certain size grease trap for their inspection.  Some do not.  If the city you are located in requires a certain size, they will either refer the size as G.P.M. or Gallons Per Minute which is the flow capacity passing through the trap or in Pounds.  Pounds is the capacity the grease trap will actually hold.

However, if they don’t require a certain size grease trap, there is a formula you can use to determine what you need.  We will provide this formula below to help anyone in need of a grease trap:

To Determine the Flow Rate of Each Sink:

  1. Calculate the capacity of the sink in cubic inches:
    ___(length) x ___(width) x ___(depth) = ___cu. in.
  2. Convert the capacity from cubic inches to gallons per minute (GPM):
    ___ cu. in. / 231 = ___ GPM.
  3. Adjust for displacement:
    ___ GPM x 0.75 = ___ GPM.
  4. Result is the flow rate required to drain the sink in one minute.*

Here is an Example:

You have a 3 compartment sink, each compartment is 18″ x 18″ x 14″

  1. 18″ x 18″ x 14″ = 4536 cu. in. x 3 comp. = 13608 cu. in.
  2. 13608 cu. in. / 231 = 58.91 GPM.
  3. 58.91 GPM x .75 = 44.18 GPM.

This would require a 44 G.P.M.  We would go to the next size up which is 50 G.P.M. or 100 lb capacity

If you have a variety of sinks flowing through the grease trap, here is what you would need to do:

  1.  Find out the flow rate for each sink being connected to the grease trap
  2. Take the flow rates for each unit.  Use 100% of the biggest flow rate, 50% of the 2nd biggest and 25% of the 3rd biggest flow rate.
  3. When you add the numbers together, this will give you what size grease trap you  need.

An example is below:

  1.  First sink has a flow rate of 25 G.P.M.
  2.  2nd sink has a low rate of 15 G.P.M.  You would take 50% of this size and it would give you:  7.5 G.P.M.
  3.  3rd sink has a flow rate of 10 G.P.M.  You would take 25% of this size and it would give you:  2.5 G.P.M.
  4. You would then add 25, 7.5 & 2.5= Total Flow Rate of 35 G.P.M.
  5. You will need a 35 G.P.M grease trap or 70 lb trap.

Stainless Steel Compartment Sinks

AT Faucet carries an enormous line of stainless steel compartment sinks.  We offer 1, 2 & 3 compartment sinks in a variety of sizes.  We have units with drainboards on both sides, no drainboards or a drainboard on a right or left hand side of the sink.

Our sinks are all NSF Certified for the food service industry.  They are made of 18 gauge 304 stainless steel to ensure long lasting life of the sink.    Our largest sinks however are made a little heavier in 16 gauge.

All the sinks we offer accommodate an 8″ center wall-mount faucet also known as a splash-mount faucet as shown below:


Each sink ships free of charge and comes with legs as well as basket strainer crumb cups.  If you are in need of a beautiful, long lasting, functional sink, look no further then AT Faucet!

What is a BTU and what does it mean in Cooking?

The term BTU in cooking equipment stands for the British Thermal Unit (BTU)  which measures a unit of heat.  BTU has a technical definition which is the amount of heat that is needed to raise the temperature of 1 pound of water by 1 degree Fahrenheit.  Our entire line gas equipment, depending on the item, comes with a BTU Value.  For example, we sell a 6 Burner Range by Imperial Range.


This range has 6 burners each a BTU output of 32,000 BTUs.  Many units come with 30,000 BTUs which is a standard range.

What does a higher BTU mean?

A burner with a BTU of 32,000 as opposed to a 30,000 BTU is more powerful and has a higher heat output.  This in turn means the unit is a stronger burner and will heat products up faster.